Bamboo Satori


Our History – from Hobby to Passion and Business


Bamboo Satori started as a hobby with a few plants placed in our backyard in Oklahoma City in 1995. We liked gardening and it was a beautiful plant. Then we decided to plant another one, then another, and another…

Our love for bamboo and success in growing it led to research and seeking out varieties not common to our area. We came to understand why Asians, for centuries, have favored bamboo; it can serve many useful and aesthetic purposes.

Word of mouth spread from families and acquaintances; people started calling and knocking on our door, wanting to buy. That was the start of Bamboo Satori - a hobby had turned into a business. By 1999 we outgrew our yard in Oklahoma City. We purchased and cleared land near Guthrie, Oklahoma and began planting bamboo. The bamboo seemed very happy on our place and began growing and maturing. We got most of our starter plants by driving to other states and bringing them home. They were not available in Oklahoma.

We planted more bamboo and currently grow over 30 varieties. The mature size of these bamboos vary from ground cover of a few inches to over 40 feet tall. We began marketing to the public, landscapers and institutions. We also sell bamboo poles for crafts or construction of fences, etc. in addition to growing plants.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about growing bamboo and varieties that are available. While easy to plant and grow, it needs to be handled differently than plants most USA gardeners are familiar with. We give free Tours, Informative Seminars, talks at Home & Garden Shows and Garden Clubs.

We are members of the American Bamboo Society and the Texas Chapter of the American Bamboo Society.